Xiaomi plans to protect displays with sapphire glass

South Korean newspapers started a stir among the fans of hi-end smartphones last week. According to the latest news, Xiaomi is seeking or has already ordered about 50 000 sapphire covers for screens of its advanced smartphones.

Does that mean that an era of cheap Xiaomi smartphones comes to the end? Or does the company plan to launch a limited edition series of its top devices?

At the same time, Apple Inc has confirmed an information about ordering a sapphire glass screen covers for the new IPhone 6 few months ago. Does Xiaomi follow the footsteps of giant from Cupertino?

Sapphire is a hard material like a diamond. It prevents the screen from scratches, damages of strikes. Moreover, sapphire improves the image quality and extends the durability of the screen.

If Xiaomi equips its devices with sapphire displays, the products will become more expensive. This, in turn, will affect a consumers' army of cheap and qualitative smartphones. We hope Xiaomi will release an expensive device for limited group of customers with no change in the company’s price policy.

At the moment the Xiaomi’s management refuses to comment on all the rumors about smartphones with sapphire displays.

According to experts, we will get an answer in December of 2014 or in the beginning of the next year.

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