Xiaomi hires co-founder of Jabong.com to enter the Indian market

The tendency to hire indians on the leading positions has began since the Microsoft company offered Satya Nadella the position of CEO. The manufacturer of Chinese smartphones Xiaomi decided to follow the given example by starting to hire indians with the purpose of further entering the Indian market at the end of this year, - says technology news resource BGR India.

The reliable sources of BGR India proved that Xiaomi has just hired Manu Kumar Jain, the co-founder of e-commerce site Jabong.com. He leaved the company on the beginning of this year to start his own business.

After leaving the supervising post on the web-site Jabong.com Manu Kumar Jain establish the new company called Gynjer. The entrepreneur aims to launch smartphones, tablets and other portable Seeking to launch portable devices of high quality he searched for the manufacturer of its original, self-developed products with the competitive prices. These were the main demands of the entrepreneur according to which he made his decision in favour of Xiaomi company. The plan of Xiaomi's business promotion has much in common with the way Manu Kumar Jain sees conducting business. Moreover, according to his understanding of indian market, Xiaomi is advanced enough to create a buzz around their products.

Thoroughly followind the developments, the sources of BGR India hinted at the fast start of Diwali. Of cource, there is always a chance that the plans are about to change. This will depend on the quantity of smartphones produced by Xiaomi.

At the beginning of this year the top manager of Xiaomi Hugo Barra ckaimed that in a short time the company plans to produce its devices in 10 countries including India. He also proved that Xiaomireally plans to create the local offices in India while the sales of smartphones would be realosed through onlihe-shop.

To conclude, it should be noticed that the Xiaomi company plans to cooperate with the company Flipkart and some other web-sites of e-commersion aiming at promoting its products on the indian the market.

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