Will Mi Band 4 become an ideal fitness tracker?

The sport wearable devices market can offer different solutions for users.

But unfortunately, many of these devices have some disadvantages like the lack of proper support of some opportunities. In some cases, it can create an inconvenience for the user.

Mi Band 4 is going to fix all the bugs of manufacturers and is planning to deliver the best solution of fitness trackers for the market.

It is worth noting that well-known Mi Band 3 has got great popularity. But the competitors don’t want to stay far away. That’s why we expect that Mi Band 4 will offer wider possibilities.

According to the rumors, the model will get an NFC module (like the latest version of Mi Band 3), IP68 protection and, finally, colorful display. What is more, the model is expected to receive a GPS module that will make location data tracking possible.

This should make your activities control more interesting.

The certain release date is unknown. So, stay tuned!

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